Take it easy

As much as I love getting dolled up, there are  days where I'm like "Not today!".  Not in a bad way, but more so just having  a no fuss outfit or simply two, three items of clothing, no hair style and just lipstick.

  This was the kind of day I had  last Sunday right before Leanne Marshalls ss15 show(Wait on the review...so good). My feet was still recovering from day 2 of NYFW and the one converse break here helped a little. H&M should receive an award for this shirt that's always on repeat. I'ts been washed over 100 times and worn almost once a week at times. Paired it with my DIY  distressed vintage jeans and I was like..."ok, I like". The one thing about personal style is the only opinion that matters is yours.  If I feel comfortable in an outfit, nothing can change that. Denim on denim is always a go and will always be, especially because there is so many ways to wear it while being true to your personal style.

 Accessorize- lets be honest it makes a difference . The outfit was perfectly fine without it, But a little gold always makes me happy.

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Nyfw Streetstyle

Happy Friday!  Fashion Week may be over, but there is so much more coverage and street style to share with you.  Check out these street style looks that is sure to get your taste buds dancing... Yes its so good you can taste it! So sweet!


                                                These two beauties are here from London
                                              Perkens of  Garconalamode

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Flower Bomb

By my second day, I couldn't feel my feet. Covering shows, walking around and networking in heels takes its toll. Lucky I packed my Converse sneakers.

I attended an offsite show by designer Diarra Bousso(clip on Instagram).

My girlfriend and I had just a few minutes to grab some pizza before heading to the the Harlem Fashion Row
   I opted for sneakers instead  of shoes, and loved the look with it  instead  of the booties I originally packed for the dress.

  I would usually do pin curls and a red lip with such a pretty dress, but decided it looked better dressed down. Besides every once in a while it's good to switch it up to keep from boring yourself.

Vintage Dress and earrings
Rings: borrowed(yellow)  Green( DT jewelry) Instagram: @dtjewelry
Converse Sneakers: Footlocker 

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Zimmermann ss201

Zimmermann SS15
Zimmermann was my second show at the Lincoln Center on Friday NYFW day 2.

Overall astonishing collection .

It was a quite storm coming down the runway....a soft lavender hue with sudden shocks of elegant sheer cut outs were simply breathtaking. Evoking beauty that screamed femininity with subtle hints.

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