Layering....My Favorite Fall Fashion do's.
When its cold and I just want to be warm and fashionable, Men's sweater is a favorite, especially during the Fall. Since walking out with your comforter set isn't in... layering will do.

I started building my look around this Men's sweater, so everything else was going to work around that. Keeping warmth in mind, I looked to see what else can be piled on while being fashionable. My Blue collard shirt added a tailored peek -a boo effect that popped against the burgundy. This small addition instantly  made my top half 9-5 appropriate. I then added this skirt that  went well with both the Army green jacket and the blue Multi grain blue sweater.

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Really Rih?!

I'm happy and mad at the same damn time! Like how dare Rihanna just pop back on Instagram and then just disturb my Monday like this.

I have stuff to do. Like laundry and post office runs. But nooooo here goes RiRi giving me a fashion rush while trying to finish my breakfast of Fried spaghetti and herringbone(Haitian meals).

Adrenalin rush like these usually occurs a  few times a year and it usually will consists of a really dope spread or NYFW streetstyle.

I want to hug her and the stylist for this amazing spread, yet stomp and cry like my five year old because it isn't a surprise. Either way I will be running to the stand in a few weeks for this December issue.

 How simple but fun and bold is this?!!! A lot of it for me is the little things like the fact that Rih is effortlessly gorgeous. Her eyes and that bone structure. Her personality comes through in all her shoots. That's the topping on the cake. Always!

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Toughen up

I already told you guys about my H&M turtle necks in this post. The obsession is still on going!

Having basic essentials like this turtleneck provides me with multiple outfits for the Fall and helps with layering. This outfit is a great example of how we can toughen up a 9-5 basic outfit. Imagine how boring  this look would be without this vest. For a minimalist fine, but if you are like me, some days you want your personality/mood to show even through your 9-5 outfit.

  This is especially important on those days when you don't want to get out of bed, never mind go into work. I learned a long time ago that we have to dress how we wish we felt and not always how we feel at the moment. keep this in mind before you get dress when you have to go to work or anywhere for that matter.

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Not Your Average Soccer Mom-Red

Guess who wasn't thrilled about the 8:30am soccer game? (after going to bed at 1:00am) Me!!!!
  On a great note, my baby kicked butt on the field!  He scored a goal and was a great team player.  so proud of him!

I usually allow myself 10-15 minutes to pick my outfit, but today was more like 5-10. SO Im standing in my closet like... "Ok I  need something that doesn't need to be ironed"... hoodie and some jeans...check! 
 "Ok now I need to liven up all this gray.." Red leather jacket I wore last night and of course(drum roll) Riri woo lips!

And then I was done! 
Now I'm torn between Starbucks or a nap for some energy... too much to do!

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