Roger That

Okay so I will be honest and share with you that this cardigan made me think of "Mr. Rogers". All the more reason why I chose to dress it down with some cut offs and  booties. I wore this a week ago to hang out with Dana my Boston blogger babe. She makes mouth watering dishes that just makes you want to kiss your computer screen. You'll see...Thank me in the comments later!

  So after shooting and laughing our butts off, we met up with some friends and had Sunday dinner. Not just any type of dinner....Haitian food! This dinner table was filled with full bellies, laughter and lots of love. The great energy just circulated around the room and made our time there even better. I tell you that good energy is a must!

                                                             Been living in these shorts lately.
                                                 H&M necklace last worn  HERE

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Little White dress

That moment when you come across a piece that can be styled so many ways that you don't know where to start. I have this moment a lot, but this dress is one of the recent ones. I am not usually a fan of body con dresses, but this little number fit just perfectly and the texture is dope.

  For a fun, but clean look I styled it with  a petticoat from Bobby From Boston last worn Here. I love the fact that there is volume to the outfit while still having the sexy  peek a-boo effect. Added the belt to blend both pieces together and add an everyday feel. There you have it!

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Pick Me up!

Happy Monday!
We all  know the struggle in waking up some days and not wanting to do much...like on Mondays.  For days like this I turn to what I call a "Pick me up" piece.  I have a few pick me ups, but the favorite one is lipstick.

 Days when I am in a simple no fuss type of mood, the lipstick seals the deal and pulls the outfit together.
With the right shade, especially red...I'm feeling like I can take over the world! When you don't wake up feeling the way you would like, add something that will turn your mood around! You're then forced to change your body language and serve!

 Wearing RiRi Woo from MAC in this pic. The "Ruby Woo" is still available  Here and looks just about the same.

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Kid again!

Remember when we were kids and we were all around fearless? We explored freely and made decisions just based off of what I heart told us; whether it was trying a stunt, down to what outfit we wore. We grow older and we know what opinions are, we know what failure  is. These feelings can easily cripple us if we allow them to.

  My son who is five but four at the time, wanted to do cartwheels and would just lunge and attempt them. Of course being his Mother and being afraid for him, I yelled "Stop it before you hurt yourself!"
He payed me no mind and continued a few times a week for the next month.  One day while in the family room he did a clean cartwheel and was so excited.  He said "See Mommy!". I was happy, but also had what Oprah calls the "aha!" moment.  I suddenly thought to myself about  how fear had me discouraging him to do the cartwheel instead of  thinking "what if he ends up getting it right?!"
 This was a reminder that as an adult I worry more than I did before. I thought.."How many things could I accomplish if I didn't fear messing up?"

  While its  important to be responsible, we(lord knows I can) can definitely press the chill button and follow our hearts. After all it is better to try and then  mess-up than to not try and wonder forever. I am always trying to work and think past my comfort zone in order to grow and truly be alive. Try something you always wanted to! Nobody has to know..."Just do it!"(Thanks Nike)

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