Not Your Average Holiday

Hues of reds, greens white and glitter comes to mind  when I think of Christmas. I've seen a lot of trends that are cute, like the all whites, sequins  and some body con dresses. Last year I did a red body con dress for a party, which I loved,  but this year I'm simply not in the mood to get extra cute.  I'm jazzing up sweats and tees honey!
  I want to walk up in the party and not have to think twice about stuffing my face. let's be honest... when the outfit is too snug we gotta be cute. Nope! This year I'm all about extra comfort, like let the gut go type of comfort.

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Sneaker Crush

For Sneaker choices, I have been obsessed with My All Star High top Converses because they simply go with everything and add a cool and sometimes edgy feel to my outfits. As of lately I've been day dreaming of other sneakers. Colorful, edgy, printed ones. I'll be honest that some prices  makes me jerk my head and neck, but I am really starting to reconsider some styles and investing once again.

   Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn, Jordan's and Nike's were must haves. However growing up as a Haitian kid in Brooklyn and having a Mother like mine you got "You are a girl and shouldn't be wearing a lot of sneakers!" and "You are not everybody else!" A girl got Patrick Ewings once and I thought I was hot stuff. They were pink and white with a little basketball dangling from them.  Besides that one memory, All my other sneakers were like $60.00 limit. My  Mother preferred to buy my sister and I $100.00 leather shoes and dresses  instead of those Air Max 95's(the one that every Brooklyn kid had) .

  These  Air Max 95's are the first sneakers that made my heart skip beats at the tender age of 10.Once I was able to work  I purchased the neon green, orange and red. I can guarantee if you buy one it will be worth every penny.I threw  my high school pairs away 2 years ago. Tip: buy them in boys sizes if your feet is an 8 1/2 or smaller, they cost less!

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Make it POP!

Morning Baaaaaby!
With half a cup of coffee I have a whole lot of energy. No Monday blues unless its fashion related!
While I love my tan and browns, it can sometimes feel  repetitive and annoying  to wear the same colors the same way for the whoooole season.

  I wore this outfit Saturday for I Am Kreyol's Holiday Trunk show. I knew I wanted to be comfy and not be bothered with too much layers, so it began with this cardigan  that was hanging on the back of my chair. Felt the need to tell you that for some reason. Anyways, tried on a brown  multi grain  skirt and was like "Great Vanessa now you look like a librarian!"....scratched that!  Threw on the belt and jeans and like these proportions better. The blue shoes were already on repeat this weekend so I paired them with printed socks for a little fun.  Who  needs booties when you can just create them?! (that is until the snow comes). Still feenin for some color I grabbed these red electrifying gloves and that was the extra pop of color I needed.

                              Round of applause for this Gap coat that I purchased as a sophomore in High School! Can we say great find?!

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BEAUTY: Fall/Winter Tips And Trends With Makeup Artist Kluermoi

  Just like fashion , makeup trends change throughout the seasons and there are rules and facts to know before you attempt some of them. If you are anything like me; you wear the same hues all year around. After too many fits over my failed smokey eye attempts and crooked winged eye to name a few, I figured who better to educate me than an expert?!

 Kluermoi's clean and bold makeup is what first grabbed my attention on Instagram. Her posts are always informative and gives hope that with at least an attempt and some practice, we too can master some of her looks. In this interview the Surinamese beauty shares her makeup must haves and tips for  the coming  months.

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