Kid again!

Remember when we were kids and we were all around fearless? We explored freely and made decisions just based off of what I heart told us; whether it was trying a stunt, down to what outfit we wore. We grow older and we know what opinions are, we know what failure  is. These feelings can easily cripple us if we allow them to.

  My son who is five but four at the time, wanted to do cartwheels and would just lunge and attempt them. Of course being his Mother and being afraid for him, I yelled "Stop it before you hurt yourself!"
He payed me no mind and continued a few times a week for the next month.  One day while in the family room he did a clean cartwheel and was so excited.  He said "See Mommy!". I was happy, but also had what Oprah calls the "aha!" moment.  I suddenly thought to myself about  how fear had me discouraging him to do the cartwheel instead of  thinking "what if he ends up getting it right?!"
 This was a reminder that as an adult I worry more than I did before. I thought.."How many things could I accomplish if I didn't fear messing up?"

  While its  important to be responsible, we(lord knows I can) can definitely press the chill button and follow our hearts. After all it is better to try and then  mess-up than to not try and wonder forever. I am always trying to work and think past my comfort zone in order to grow and truly be alive. Try something you always wanted to! Nobody has to know..."Just do it!"(Thanks Nike)

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Morning Sugars!
I was saddened to hear about the tragedy with the
Malaysian air plane. While we cannot dwell on death, it is definitely a reminder that some of our complaints and situations aren't that bad. We have to sometimes take a breather and remind ourselves exactly that..."Its not that bad". My prayers goes out to the families.

On a happier note; Its Friday!!! looking forward to some great weather and family time.

 The fit- Wore this outfit a few weeks ago to attend a Bridal shower.
                    This is one of my favorite ways to wear my scarf on my head.
It also serves as a lazy  hair day solution.(Wasn't up to doing my hair that day)
                         Buttoned the blouse all the way to the top for a sleek finished look.   Old Navy  Jeans...they have a bit of a stretch which helps for our curves.

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Favorites things-July

Happy Thursday Loves! Its been a while since I did a "Favorite things" post. I am always obsessing over something. I will usually overindulge in that item and then get over it. The same thing applies to food.
I am in love with these Kate Spade shoes! Her shoes are fun with the perfect heels.
As of lately I am more conscious about the shoes I buy. There are lots of cute shoes that is bad quality. Some price tags blow me and my pockets away, but some are worth the penny if the quality is great and the shoes are timeless. I found these baby's at Marshalls. These Lisa Mesh are sold out, but these are cute. Wore them in THIS POST

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Oh its Monday huh?! This weekend went by too quick. Friday my son graduated from Pre-K and I'm still cheesing from ear to ear. If you are a parent you know that anything that they achieve is a big deal. Even though they didn't have take home exams and stuff, that smile was like he received his Doctorates. I let him know that this was a great accomplishment and that there are many more graduations to come. As parents we have to start them young and build their confidence as well as holding them accountable. I expect him to give his best all the time.

 This outfit-  "I've been mixin, I've been mixin"!...went shopping in my closet the other day(yes in my own). Sometimes we forget what we have in there. I last wore these pants for NYFW Here. Its about time they made a second appearance. The leopard bodysuit was a vintage find from 4 years ago that's never been worn. Still in  my print mood as you can see.

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