Flower mashup

Guys!! It's beginning to feel a lot like Spring!!! Beautiful days like today is a great pick me up. It's hard to even be mad when you have this type of weather to look forward to.

  I wore this outfit this past Sunday to go to Church and attend a pop up shop. This dress is so versatile. Throughout the years I have worn it many different ways.

This time I wanted to give it a 70's feel all the  way so I paired it with a second piece from another vintage 70's outfit.

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Not Your Average Hoodie

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Mine has been busy, but very productive. Dream chasing is never easy but so worth it.

  Ever wake up some days  and you just want to throw on your most comfortable hoodie? But then you think "I don't want to look how I feel"...
well, this is when you make that hoodie work! On a "blah day" accessorize your hoodie so that you are still comfortable and presentable. On this day(a few weeks ago) that's just how I was feeling so I worked around this thrifted hoodie. I could easily were this same hoodie with some skinnies, boots and a messy bun while remaining comfy/cute. A great outfit will sometimes come from the littlest touch or addition.

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Upside down

Happy Saturday and Happy International Women's day!

Took these pics the last time we were in the 50's a few weeks ago  here in Boston...like today.
  Feeling Summer ready; I wanted to wear my Summer Uniform aka a crop top and a high-waisted bottoms.  Then this 2 second DIY(kinda) project was born. I almost grabbed scissors, but then I thought of how large the bottom would be. So.....I turned my sweatshirt upside down! That's it!

                          This is the same sweatshirt that was last worn  Here!

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Thank you!!

Yes just Thank YOU!! I always say success is when you can inspire one person. To do it again and again is successful. I am thankful for the feedback and messages from you guys. This keeps me energized and working even harder. As I'm evolving so is my blog. Thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey! 

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